Rosemarie pussy – “Blow Off”

Name: Blow Off

Duration: 142 min

Country: United States

Language: English

Director: Peter Moss

Year: 1987

Actors: Ron Jeremy,Hershel Savage,Eric Edwards,Craig Roberts,David Cannon,John Ogden,Vic Moore,Tab Ruiner

Actress: Ginger Lynn,Lisa DeLeeuw,Rosemarie,Danica Rae,Sandy Taylor,Lynn Rae

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Politics has always been and dirty? But, luscious Lisa Deleeuw takes Washington to delicious new depths of un-fathomable depravity in Blow Off. Hired by a conniving politico (Eric Edwards) Detective Nick King (Herschel Savage) follows Lisa downs the corridors of power and gets an erotic eyeful of her sexual conquest. From a hot encounter with a satyrish Senator (Ron Jeremy) to satisfying the needs of a wanton Washington wife (Ginger Lynn) Lisa sure knows her business? Plus there’s lots more foing on in this sensuous game of sexual skullduggery proving where there’s smoke there’s fire especially when Lisa meets the powerful and passionate.


Adult 1980 girls : “Blame It on Ginger”

Name: Blame It on Ginger

Country: United States

Year: 1986

Director: Henri Pachard

Duration: 136 min

Language: English

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Actors: Peter North,Tom Byron,Joey Silvera,Jamie Gillis

Actress: Ginger Lynn,Krista Lane,Barbara Dare,Lois Ayers

Vacations. Stepfathers. Daughters. Friends. Long Nights. Hot Days. And Everyone in between.


Kitten Natividad free porn in “Ten Little Maidens”

Name: Ten Little Maidens

Director: John Seeman

Duration: 84 min

Country: United States

Language: English

Year: 1985

Actors: Jamie Gillis,Paul Thomas,Eric Edwards,Harry Reems,Richard Pacheco

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Actress: Nina Hartley,Ginger Lynn,Amber Lynn,Lisa DeLeeuw,Janey Robbins,Kitten Natividad

John and Carol are mysteriously invited to an all-expenses-paid holiday on a secluded island. They go along with the offer, but soon find themselves in the mid of an erotic mystery.


Stacey Donovan ass in “Up! Up! and Away!”

Name: Up! Up! and Away!

Language: English

Country: United States

Duration: 83 min

Director: Jim Hunter

Year: 1984

Actress: Ginger Lynn,Bridgette Monet,Stacey Donovan,Colleen Brennan,Debi Diamond,Bunny Bleu,Laurie Smith,Cody Nicole,Cynthia Brooks,Gabrielle Behar,Lisa Thomas

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Actors: Jamie Gillis,Paul Thomas,Jerry Butler,Sasha Gabor,David Cannon,Rock Rome,Larry Harwood

A beautiful, wealthy woman owns an airline, but leaves the everyday operations to her husband. It isn’t until after he dies that she discovers that he was taking more than a passing interest in his female passengers and employees, and she has to fight to keep the airline out of the clutches of her dead husband’s sleazy partner.


Sandy Taylor videos – “Doctor Ginger”

Name: Doctor Ginger

Language: English

Year: 1984

Director: Adam

Duration: 77 min

Country: United States

Actors: Tom Byron,Marc Wallace,Jerry Butler,Blake Palmer,Craig Roberts,Rock Rome,Greg Derek,Frank Brandt

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Actress: Ginger Lynn,Raven,Bunny Bleu,Pamela Jennings,Debbie Northrup,Sandy Taylor

Ginger Lynn stars in this delirious dollop of merry medical mayhem, playing a sex therapist whose cures usually seem to involve some heated hands-on methods. Sometimes she just encourages her clients to engage in some steamy office hi jinx – but at others she just can’t resist jumping into the action herself! Ginger romps with Lynn Ray and Jerry Butler in one scorching early scene, delves into some wild group groping in an arousing orgy scene, and finishes the flick off by treating patient Tom Byron to a frantic, feverish fling. There’s just no slowing down this tight-bodied temptress once she gets up a head of steam! And believe us, with a doctor like Ginger, the medicine is sure to go down easy!


Retro anal – “Pleasure Productions Volume 11”

Name: Pleasure Productions Volume 11

Country: United States

Language: English

Duration: 57 min


Year: 1984

Actors: Tom Byron,Paul Thomas,Marc Wallace,Blake Palmer

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Actress: Ginger Lynn,Stacey Donovan,Debra Rush,Susan Sands,Jennifer Lane

You don’t want to miss this classic flick as legendary performer Ginger Lynn headlines the cast of beautiful babes poised and ready for a hot beef injection. You won’t be able to contain yourself as these gorgeous sluts bend their sexy bodies every way possible to take in some cock.Jennifer Lane lets Marc Wallace in through the back door in a classic anal scene. Everyone’s favorite cock slinger, Tom Byron leads the big-dicked brigade as they drill the hottest ladies of the eighties. There’s plenty of hardcore sex and big hair in this great flick from Pleasure.